Compares Favourably - Now with more stuff

Posted by Tom on 2010-05-16 11:17

Things have been gently ticking over on Compares Favourably, so here's an update.

<Insert source-related pun here>

First things first: it's become abundantly clear that I'm far too tardy to maintain a decent release schedule. This last set of changes have been languishing in the the SVN repository for months but I've simply been too slack to package everything up. With that in mind I'm opening the repo up for reads.

It's fairly stable. There's VS2008 project and solution files and NAnt build scripts and automated tests (NUnit) are run before every commit but the test coverage isn't great and building doesn't mean working. The command line front-end in particular tends to lag behind. That said I'm lazy about releases, so I believe SVN is the place to be if you want the good stuff.

New features!

The code generation has much better feature coverage now. Since the last release the following has been added:

The latest revision also includes a few UI bug fixes.

Want more?

Demanding, ain't cha?

I'm not sure what to add next. It'll probably be SQL Server 2008 support. I've had a brief play around with the new SMO assemblies and they seem to have fixed some of the performance SNAFU - which may make all my DDL code redundant, but hey, thems the breaks. Beyond that if there's anything you want it to do that it doesn't, please let me know.