I gone done a Rainmeter skin

Posted by Tom on 2011-09-17 13:39

I've been playing around with Rainmeter recently and have nailed together my own skin.

Praxis Rainmeter skins

Click on the image above to download the skin files. It contains a clock, CPU and memory graphs, network in and out, disk usage, RSS reader, and some system info. And yes, the look is partially inspired by Deus Ex: Human Revolution, which may or may not be responsible for the slow rate of updates recently. Ahem.

One thing to note is that the snapping will be buggy against the clock, since the automatic width and height of string meters doesn't take into account the transformation matrix. I found a link to one of the Rainmeter devs confirming this, but my Google-fu is weak and I can't find it now. Also, thanks to Oscar Del Ben for this Github feeds and Eidos forum user f0xhound for his Deus Ex font.

In other news:


addons.mozilla.org appears to be sucking the addons right out of my browser. That's just mean.