Introducing Compares Favourably

Posted by Tom on 2009-12-24 12:23

So I made a database schema comparison tool for MSSQL 2005.

Compares Favourably

Compares Favourably

It started out as a hobby project since I saw SMO and assumed it would be simple to make something that would freak out if we tried to push a staging release to live without first getting the database structure the same. Turns out SMO is a whole bus-load of fail for churning out large amounts of DDL, so I started writing my own DDL generation code. Then I put a simple UI over the top of it because I was curious about WinForms, and it started growing from there.

You can download the source as well (static downloads, rather than repository since my build discipline is pants and half the time it doesn't even compile), which I'm releasing under the <shrug/> licence, also known as the Meh, Whatever PL. If you can find a use for it then you're more than welcome, but please let me know - I'm curious if the code ends up anywhere cool.

In other news best Christmas #1 ever.