Put That in Your Self-Documenting Pipe and Smoke It

Posted by Tom on 2012-06-07 15:04

I've got various irons in the fire at the moment with regards to code, and most of it is in such a horrible state of WIP that I wouldn't want to unleash it. Hence no posts. That said, I have been playing a little golf:

main(){int x,i,j;for(x=0;x<6400;x++){for(i=x%80,j=x/80;(i||j)&&(i%3!=1||j%3!=1);

Sierpinski Carpet in 113 bytes of C! I'm sure smarter people could get it smaller, but I'm content with that for now. I've also got a version that runs on codepad, but that clocks in 140 bytes because I can't rely on a 80-char-width terminal to avoid handling newlines.