Silly HTML Game

Posted by Tom on 2010-09-27 09:19

It's been a while since I ventured out with trepidation into the realm of HTML5. It was my first real post, in fact. I've not really touched it since, having been tempted by a cornucopia of glittering distractions, as I am wont to be.

However, I recently stumbled across the concept of a game jam, and have since been wondering how quickly I could crap out a simple game. Between that and the recently passed Javascript 10k, and all I needed was a concept.

Oh wow! A Silly HTML Game screenshot!

Play the game

There's not a lot to it at the moment. Balls spawn in the middle of the play are and move to the outside. Line up the rings allow them through. Simple! Ultimately I want the balls to have different effects when they reach the outside of the playing area: ball speed up and down, spawn speed up and down, extra lives, reverse controls, that kind of thing.

Source on Github

This one went from zero to prototype in a couple of hours, so I'm pretty happy with that turn-around. I have another game project I work on a little and the scope of that is large and growing (and as such very unlikely to ever see the light of day) so it was refreshing to force myself to make something simple and actually attainable.